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The Ministry of Justice Is Still Operating

The Ministry of Justice in Luxembourg is still operating with more limited service. It is not possible to personally visit the Ministry or to apply for citizenship in person. However, clients are still receiving certificates in the mail in the USA. Letters seem to arrive a few days later than expected. Previously, it took around 21 days to receive certificates in the USA from the Ministry of Justice. Now, that number is closer to 30-40 days. This may be due to general postal delays.

LuxCitizenship Updates

While our office in New York City is closed, our team is still working diligently for you. Now is a great time to look into your family origins and the possibility of dual citizenship. That all can be done from home. Read our article to learn more. We realize that many people are facing financial challenges at this time. We want to help support individuals who want to apply for dual citizenship during quarantine. You can now pay for our citizenship services over time when you pay by debit or credit card. Contact us for more information.

Citizenship Updates: Citizenship by Option

Luxembourg Nationality by Option Processing Restarted

For individuals with a parent or grandparent that has or had Luxembourg citizenship (nationality), it is possible to obtain Luxembourg citizenship by option. Starting in late 2019, the Ministry of Justice suspended new processing of applications for citizenship by option. The Ministry of Justice opted to do this because there was such a huge backlog of unprocessed applications for individuals with the upcoming deadline of December 31, 2020. For the citizenship by option process, there is no application deadline. It appears that processing restarted for citizenship by option in late February 2020. If you have a parent or grandparent who had Luxembourg citizenship, now is a great time to apply. Check out our eligibility page and then get in touch with us to discuss.

Citizenship Updates: Article 89

Background Checks for Two-Step Citizenship Process

For applicants who have had to delay their travel to Luxembourg, please visit our resource page. You may have already booked travel and obtained a background check. You can now turn in a background check dated within the last six months before you will appear in Luxembourg. Previously, the background check needed to be no older than 3 months.

Citizenship Granted on Normal Schedule

If you already visited Luxembourg for your citizenship declaration before the coronavirus broke out, your citizenship still becomes active after four months. Our clients continue to receive their letters confirming citizenship around 15 days after their citizenship becomes active. These letters are necessary to apply for a passport at a Luxembourg Consulate or Embassy in the USA. All three passport offices in the USA are closed until further notice. Updates here:

Citizenship Updates: Article 7

Article 7 Applications to Restart

Article 7 is the process where applicants can apply by mail. We are still waiting on updates for Article 7 processing. We ask for your patience. The Article 7 process is different than the other two citizenship processes. In the past, Article 7 cases took 4 months longer to process than Article 89 (two-step) cases. This is because you are directly obtaining citizenship in one step. The process needs to pass through extra steps and departments. The Ministry of Justice has nearly completed processing Article 89 cases. However, we are still aware of many applicants who have not received Luxembourg Ancestor Certificates for Article 89 yet. The Coronavirus has caused normal ministry operations to slow down. Once we hear that cases have truly started up again, we will be sure to announce this to all our clients.