Luxembourg Dual Citizen Businesses

Our community of dual citizens is blessed with incredible talent.

Get to know some of the businesses founded, owned or managed by Luxembourg Dual Citizens.
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Luxembourg Dual Citizen Businesses

Our community of dual citizens is blessed with incredible talent.

Get to know some of the businesses founded, owned or managed by Luxembourg Dual Citizens.
View the Companies

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Dual Citizen Organizations

Association of Luxembourgish Citizens in Brazil

ACLUX is a membership organization headquartered in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil with operating chapters in other cities and regions through Brazil. The organization seeks to integrate Luxembourg citizens in Brazil with the linguistic and cultural aspects of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, offering notions of citizenship, rights and duties.

Argentine Luxembourg Association

The AAL is a membership organization has a physical office in Parana, Santa Fe Province, Argentina and operating chapters in different locations in Argentina. The organization has an active whatsapp group of around 300 members, an associated Luxembourg radio program in Buenos Aires, and participates in cultural events throughout Argentina.

Luxembourg American Cultural Society

The LACS is a membership organization focused on the history of Luxembourg and Luxembourgers in the USA as well as promoting connection between the United States and Luxembourg. They have a physical location in Belgium, Wisconsin, United States at their Roots and Leaves Museum. Additionally, the LACS is a key player in the annual Luxembourg Days parade and associated events in their hometown.

Luxembourg Brotherhood of America

Founded over 140 years ago, the LBA is a membership organization mostly existing in Illinois with local chapters throughout mostly the greater Chicagoland region. Many of the organizations members have participated for generations. Today, the LBA organizes several events a year through its various chapters.

Luxembourg Dual Citizen Businesses


Importation Quality Certification Consulting
Active Markets: Brazil and Europe
Agrosynergia ensures quality standards in agricultural products and services to ensure compliance for imports from Brazil to the EU. We address industry challenges with innovative solutions and are committed to sustainability and traceability while focusing on environmental and social responsibility.

Clouds North Films

Micro-Documentary Production Company
Active Markets: United States – Wisconsin
Clouds North Films, an American company, specializes in documentary-style marketing videos, blending powerful stories and genuine human portraits for educational and promotional purposes. Our content ranges from immersive tourist experiences and real customer testimonials to captivating overviews, all delivered with enthusiasm, a passion for exploration, and a commitment to equity.

Collective Action Network

Facilitating Global Collective Action
Active Markets: Global
The Collective Action Network aims to remove barriers to entry for global problem-solving by strengthening connections between local and global communities. Network members co-create a transparent and accessible alternative system that allows all stakeholders to leverage collective intelligence for collaborative problem-solving.

FEP Consulting SRL

Consulting Service Company
Active Markets: Argentina, United States, Latin America
Fast & Efficient Partnership LLC is a streamlined service company based in Buenos Aires and Miami, specializing in health-related industries across LATAM. We focus on Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, and Animal Health, offering services such as Preaudit, Remediation Plans, Documental Review, and Training, with a core emphasis on ensuring the Quality of Computer Systems using the GAMP 5 methodology.


Art Global Strategy Firm
Active Markets: NYC, United States, European Union
Founded in 1995, FITZ & CO is a global leader in art world strategy, serving over 200 galleries, museums, and luxury brands. Our team delivers tailored strategies in brand positioning, artist collaborations, KOL engagement, and digital campaigns to achieve specific business goals.


Sustainably Produced Chicken Feed
Active Markets: United States
GrubTerra is a social impact company focused on selling healthy and environmentally friendly feeds and treats for back yard chickens and pets. We primarily focus on incorporating black soldier fly larvae into our products.

Handmade Seller

Media Brand for Artisan Businesses
Active Markets: United States
Handmade Seller is a media brand for artisans building thriving businesses. We offer a print and digital magazine, as well as produce podcasts for artisan business owners.


Improv for Leaders
Active Markets: United States
Improve offers products, services, and experiences designed to improve global leaders, teams, companies, and impact. We’ve worked with thousands of leaders and teams from small startups to Fortune 500 companies and top universities, including Google, Verizon, Pfizer, Lyft, KPMG, TED, The University of Michigan, Fordham University, Imperial College London, TechStars, CBSi, R/GA, among others.

Marcio May Sports

Cycling Sportswear
Active Markets: Brazil
Quality, comfortable, and eco-friendly cycling clothing founded and endorsed by Olympic cyclist Márcio May.

Rath Tutoring

Tutoring and Test Prep
Active Markets: United States
Rath Tutoring provides one on one tutoring services for all American, British, and EU classes and admissions exams for students ranging from elementary school through graduate school.

Sarah Seven

Luxury Bridal Brand
Active Markets: United States, Global
Sarah Seven is an American brand founded by siblings Michael and Sarah Seven. It specializes in high-end bridal wear, with its production based in New York City. The brand operates four flagship salons across the United States and is available in over 45 retail locations worldwide. Known for its focus on artful designs and bold marketing strategies, Sarah Seven offers a modern approach to the bridal industry, encompassing everything from product development to client experience.


American Sign Language Platform
Active Markets: United States
SignOn is an immersive online program designed to connect individuals interested in learning or practicing American Sign Language with the Deaf community. Through live 30-minute sessions led by Deaf ASL Ambassadors, participants can engage in various levels of ASL practice, ranging from basic vocabulary to daily conversations and gaining insights into Deaf culture.

Wild Union Post

Post Production & Visual Effects
Active Markets: United States
Wild Union Post is an independent, New York City & New Jersey-based post house that specializes in VFX including digital compositing, motion graphics, and 3D animation for film, television, and digital content. Currently operating in New York & New Jersey, Wild Union qualifies for film & TV tax incentives in both states and has supervised the VFX on over 50 feature films and TV shows since 2016.

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