About LuxCitizenship

LuxCitizenship was founded by Daniel Atz in 2016 to help individuals with Luxembourg heritage gain dual citizenship.

Based in Times Square, the team has assisted over 200 clients with processing the paperwork, genealogical searches, document requests, and translations required to qualify and complete the Articles 7, 23, or 89 Luxembourg citizenship recovery process.

ABOUT OUR FOUNDER: Daniel Atz recovered Luxembourg citizenship in 2014. Daniel has been repeatedly featured on Luxembourg national television station RTL for stories relating to his dual citizenship. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Daniel studied European Business Law at the École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (Superior School for Foreign Trade) in Paris, France. DDaniel is a fluent French, Portuguese, and Mandarin speaker. Before founding LuxCitizenship, Daniel worked in foreign government relations & consulting with a career spanning 3 continents. Daniel is very active with the European-American Chambers of Commerce in New York.

Daniel Atz in Luxembourg national TV station RTL’s report on Americans taking Luxembourg dual citizenship. Click image to view video.

Services & Pricing

We’re here to help you open the door to new opportunities for you and generations to come.

As of September 20th, 2018, LuxCitizenship is only able to accept new citizenship cases for individuals that have already received their LUXEMBOURG ANCESTOR CERTIFICATE (CERTIFICAT RELATIF A L’AIEUL LUXEMBOURGEOIS) from the authorities in Luxembourg. Payment for all LuxCitizenship service deposit invoices must be received by October 23rd to be considered as an accepted case started before the deadline. LuxCitizenship is no longer taking family “add on” cases of existing applicants or confirmed citizens through ancestry recovery as of October 20th, 2018. For your case to be considered as accepted, account payment for already issued invoices must be received no later than October 23rd, 2018.

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*Per Primary Applicant
  • Initial Phone Consultation: Overview of the Luxembourg Citizenship Recovery Process to be personally completed in Luxembourg by 2020.
  • Citizenship Recovery, Phase 2 Services: HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOUR LUXEMBOURG ANCESTOR CERTIFICATE? PLANNING A TRIP TO LUXEMBOURG? Package includes preparation of paperwork, certified translations, document requests and planning of your trip to Luxembourg
  • Phase 3 Services: Passport Application Formalities
  • Secondary Applicant Rates (ex, Child or Sibling over 18 years of age): From $600.00/per person

Certified Translations

$ 65

Per Page
  • Standard Delivery Rate. 24 hours to translation, 2-3 days delivery in US. Rush services available for additional fees.

We are able to provide New York State notary public notary services.

**Vital Document Processing Fees & Luxembourg Tax Stamp Fees are the responsibility of the applicant.

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