Services We Offer

A unique set of services designed to help you in any step of the Luxembourg nationality process.

New Application

Ready to start out on your journey to Luxembourg citizenship? Whether you know who your qualifying ancestor is or not, we have different service packages for you. Check out our eligibility page so you can learn about procedures that apply to you.

Quick Contact

We are here to assist you. We are available through email, chat on our website, or telephone. There’s always a way to reach us, 7 days a week.

Continuing Assistance

Once you finish the nationality process, your journey has just started. After that, we can support you. View our Events page to get involved with other dual citizens. Start learning Luxembourgish. Find resources on professional opportunities with Luxembourg. Check out our blog for personal stories of dual citizenship, and get inspired as we help you achieve your goal!

Special Benefits for LuxCitizenship Clients

Fastest Application Turn-Around Times – LuxCitizenship has the fastest possible turn around time on obtaining a Certificate of Nationality (proof of dual citizenship) for Article 7 applications and the parent/grandparent Certificate of Nationality needed for Article (7)23 procedures.
Access to Exclusive Business Networking Group – LuxCitizenship has created a closed, private LinkedIn group for (future) Luxembourg dual citizens. Directly network with other dual citizen business professionals — an exclusive client benefit.
LuxCitizenship Dual Citizen Events – Our team hosts client exclusive events in both the United States and Luxembourg.

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