In the below article, we’ll explain why looking into dual citizenship is a great indoor activity for the quarantine. We realize that many people are currently facing financial uncertainty. To support you, our customers, we are now offering the option to pay for our citizenship services over time with monthly payments. Please contact us directly for more information.


Productive Indoor Activity: Genealogy, Family Research, and Dual Citizenship

We are living in a completely unprecedented moment. Across the United States and across the world, people have been asked over the last days to stay home for the foreseeable future. We sincerely hope that you and your family are finding new ways to connect, build routines, and stay healthy in this quickly changing situation.

As our world moves into uncharted territory, it is only natural that many of us are thinking about who we are and what is most important to us in life. For many people, one of the most important things in their life is family. Family is one of the few things most of us have had since the moment that we entered the world. As the deepest core of our social connections and bonds, family has shaped us all in many different ways. Understanding who we are, where we came from, and what is most important to us is a key way to understand where we are today, but also where we may be headed after this is all over.

Family Research Resources

As we are separated from our families, we will need to think of new ways to connect with one another. One great way to do so is through the Internet. For example, we have video chat. But there are other less expected ways to connect to family through the Internet while sitting at home. Another great way to connect to family and who we are can be genealogy and researching the history of our families. Our family history shapes us in as many ways as the family we know today. Simply put, our family today wouldn’t be the way it is without generations of history.

There are great digital resources out there to help you research your family history from your home. The most well-known websites include (paid) and (free but requires you to sign up). These sites have a wealth of resources to help people research, learn more about, and connect with their family and their origins in brand new ways. However, it is not uncommon to run into roadblocks in the research, whether in the United States or once you get to when your ancestors came from another country. In this case, you can turn to professional genealogists. For example, if you need help researching in Luxembourg and Europe, LuxCitizenship provides professional genealogical services.

Ancestry Dual Citizenship

A great part of researching your family history is that there can be a number of unexpected benefits. You may learn about long-lost family you never knew about. You may also learn about something you never expected: eligibility for a second citizenship. If you have a not-too-distant ancestor from certain European countries, you may be eligible to obtain a second citizenship. These countries include Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, and to a lesser extent, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany. We can’t forget one other very important country: Luxembourg.

Why think about a second citizenship now? LuxCitizenship Services: Luxembourg Birth Certificate, Translations, PaperworkWell, for starters, in most cases you can do all of the preparatory work to apply for citizenship from home. Major parts of the process to apply for citizenship by descent including genealogy and looking into family records are done from home. It is still possible to request family vital records (with a few days processing delay). Second, it takes several months for any of these countries to process your citizenship application. Therefore, you have busy work during the time stuck at home while having a goal to look forward to for when brighter days come.

Prepare for Brighter Days

That second part is key. Dual citizenship opens the doors to a world of new possibilities. After this time stuck at home, many people will want to set out and travel. Dual citizenship can make travel to new destinations much easier and even much longer. With a US passport, for example, you can only stay in Europe for 90 days at a time without a visa. But you may also think of the longer-term benefits of having a second passport. If you have ever wanted to live in another country, a new passport would make that a possibility. There are also many potential benefits to doing so. According to Business Insider, Luxembourg has the #1 Healthcare System in the World (USA #35) where 95.2% of households are covered by medical insurance and only 1.4% of total medical expenses are paid out of pocket.

Luxembourg Dual Citizenship

Over the last few days, people have contacted LuxCitizenship asking about the effects of the coronavirus situation on applying for citizenship.

us passport and lux passportWe can confirm that the office in Luxembourg processing citizenship requests is still operating. Our company also remains open during our normal hours and operating remotely to support all our clients, existing and new.

If you are interested in starting to look into your eligibility for citizenship, you can check out our genealogical research services and our citizenship eligibility test if you already know about your Luxembourg family background. We are also available via telephone if you prefer just to talk with us directly. You can either book a 15-minute call or try us during our business hours at (917) 740-8908.

Other European Citizenships

You might look into your family history or have a friend looking into family history and find out you have no ancestral ties to Luxembourg. What can we say? Luxembourg was not and is not the biggest country in Europe. If you have ancestral ties to other European countries, we can direct you to other ancestry citizenship resources through our parent organization Citizenship.EU. Don’t hesitate to reach out or send your friends to us.

At LuxCitizenship, we are here to support you. We are happy to discuss with anyone looking for a new indoor activity to pass the time and help those wanting to look into their citizenship eligibility. Better days are on the horizon. You can prepare now to take advantage of all that life can offer.

For applicants who need to travel to Luxembourg by December 31, 2020, to complete their existing citizenship application, you can find our coronavirus information page here