Schwätzt Dir Lëtzebuergesch?

Learning the Luxembourgish Language

One of the most important steps on the lifelong journey of dual citizenship is to learn the language of the heart for all Luxembourgers, Lëtzebuergesch.

Liz Wenger from Learn Luxembourgish has produced the first text book designed to teach English speakers Luxembourgish. Her business also provides online, weekly Skype-based classes to teach the text book. Over the last several months, LuxCitizenship has had the pleasure to review the textbook and online classes. We can’t recommend it enough, and we’re delighted to partner with Learn Luxembourgish to share the Language with you.

Learn Luxembourgish Text Book

This book is the first text book for teaching Luxembourgish written in English. Approved by the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg, the book is a fun way to teach yourself Luxembourgish across chapters laid out on conversation themes that teach you Luxembourgish grammar at the same time. Designed for adult learners, but approachable for younger readers, the book is accompanied by audio recordings of the materials and online flashcards.

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Online Classes

Did you know you can join a class to learn the language even in the US?
It works through the live online Skype classes that Learn Luxembourgish organizes on a regular basis. They take place entirely online through Skype and other fun educational tools to teach you Luxembourgish in an engaging way.
Give yourself or your adult children the gift of speaking a new language!

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Learn Luxembourgish textbook

Luxembourgish With Anne

If you are looking for a self-directed program to learn Luxembourgish, several of our clients have reported success with the program Learn Luxembourgish with Anne. In particular, some of our clients whose spouses have gone on to acquire Luxembourgish citizenship have reported success with this program.

Prolingua: In-person and Online Classes

If you are seeking to learn Luxembourgish at an accelerated pace, you may consider the programs provided by the language school Prolingua. Located in Luxembourg City, Prolingua offers regular and intensive Luxembourgish courses in person and online on a Luxembourg-based schedule. It is worth to note that Prolingua’s classes are focused on people living in Luxembourg, so the students in the class will not all be English speakers and the instruction will reflect that reality.

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