There are currently 4 ways to be eligible for Luxembourg Dual Citizenship.

If you have an ancestor from Luxembourg, we’re happy to discuss whether you can apply for citizenship. Below are the four methods in short.

Learn more about your path to obtaining Luxembourg dual citizenship and how our team can assist you!

Recognition of Luxembourg Dual Citizenship

(Article 7 – Paternal Lineage Only)

Article 7: Luxembourg Birth Certificate

Applies if

-You can trace your family line back to a male ancestor born in Luxembourg.
-AND, your Luxembourgish last name has passed from father to son for each and every generation in your blood line.
-OR, The above applies to your mother.
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Luxembourg Dual Citizenship by Option

(Article 23 – Parent or Grandparent Born in Luxembourg)

Applies to

-An individual whose parent or adoptive parent is or was a Luxembourgish citizen.
-OR, An individual whose grandparent is or was a Luxembourgish citizen. That citizenship was not passed on to their parent.
Most importantly, this single-step process requires an in-person trip to Luxembourg.
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Luxembourg Nationality: A Luxembourg Dual Citizenship Family

Posthumous Citizenship By Option

(Article 7/23 – Deceased Parent or Grandparent Eligible Through Article 7)

Recovery Conditions

-You have a deceased parent or grandparent who would have been eligible to apply for recognition of Luxembourg citizenship through the Article 7 process if still alive.
-Secondly, this process is only for individuals who cannot apply for Luxembourg citizenship through the Article 7 or Article 23 processes.
-Most importantly, while there is no deadline, you must travel to Luxembourg to complete obtaining citizenship. We can help!
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Recover Luxembourg Citizenship

(Article 89 – Pre-Qualified Candidates Only)

Recovery Conditions

Firstly, citizenship recovery is only for candidates who started a citizenship application before December 31, 2018.
-Secondly, you have received a Luxembourg Ancestor Certificate in the mail.
-Moreover, you must make your travel to Luxembourg before December 31, 2022 to obtain Luxembourg citizenship. We can certainly help you with that!
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Reclaim Luxembourg Citizenship: Eligibility for Dual Citizenship

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Get the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!
A: Yes. It is still possible to apply under the Article 7 or Article 23 procedure for Luxembourg citizenship.
A: The citizenship application deadline only applies to certain people who first applied for Luxembourg citizenship before December 2018. For pre-qualified candidates who did apply before 2018, the deadline has recently been extended to December 31, 2022.
A: Some applicants can apply by mail and some need to travel to Luxembourg to obtain citizenship. Our experts will tell you what conditions apply to you.
A: Luxembourg only taxes income generated in Luxembourg or income you make while living in the country.

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