Ready to become a citizen of Luxembourg?


Know that you have an ancestor from Luxembourg, but unsure if you qualify for citizenship? Or have you already received your Luxembourg Ancestor Certificate and not sure what to before for your trip to Luxembourg?

There are currently 3 procedures for eligible candidates to obtain Luxembourg Dual Citizenship.

The below gives a quick overview of the different ways to obtain Luxembourg Citizenship (also called Luxembourg Nationality).

Recover Luxembourg Citizenship

(Article 89 – Pre-Qualified Candidates Only)

For pre-qualified candidates who applied by mail for a Luxembourg Ancestor Certificate before 12/31/2018. If you did not submit your initial application before the December 31, 2018 deadline, you are no longer eligible to apply.
-You’ve received a Luxembourg Ancestor Certificate in the mail (see image)
-You must travel to Luxembourg before December 31, 2020. We can help!
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Acquire Luxembourg Citizenship

(Article 7 – Paternal Lineage Only)

-You have a direct line Luxembourg male ancestor born in Luxembourg prior to 1940?
-AND, Your Luxembourgish last name has passed from father to son for each and every generation in your blood line up until your father and then passed onto you (the applicant)
-OR, The above applies to your mother and you were born after January 1, 1969
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Luxembourg Citizenship by Option

(Parent or Grandparent born in Luxembourg)

-An individual whose parent or adoptive parent is or was a Luxembourgish citizens and that citizenship was not passed on to them at birth or