LuxCitizenship is proud to share the news of the first documentary project Produced and Directed by our Founder Daniel Atz. Coming soon.

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Documentary Film: “Lëtzebuerger an Argentinien”

Status: In Postproduction

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Shrouded in mystery, our documentary dives into the seldom-told tale of Luxembourg’s emigration to Argentina.

Unearthing forgotten roots, descendants of Luxembourgish immigrants to Argentina embark on a transformative journey of discovery, challenging generational misconceptions and rekindling a cultural heritage that bridges two distinct worlds.
In “Lëtzebuerger an Argentinien,” the fascinating tale of Luxembourgers who migrated to Argentina is unveiled, chronicling their challenges, adaptability, and the ensuing generations’ efforts to rediscover their ancestral roots.
The documentary sheds light on two significant waves of Luxembourgish immigration to Argentina in the 19th century, emphasizing both their initial hardships and eventual triumphs.
Pioneers, driven by varied reasons, from evading poverty to new beginnings, faced untold adversities such as forced Spanish language assimilation and misleading prospects. However, Luxembourgish values like work ethic, punctuality, and gratitude remained the foundation of their descendants’ identity.
Fast forward to the 21st century, many of these descendants, sparked by the surge in the pursuit of genealogy during the Covid-19 lockdown, began uncovering their true Luxembourgish heritage, correcting generations of misconceptions that they were “Germans”.
This newfound knowledge ignited a fervor to reconnect with their Luxembourg roots, leading to the establishment of communities and organizations like the Argentina Luxembourg Association.
As the documentary wraps, it turns its lens towards the future, where some descendants express aspirations of returning to Luxembourg, while others aim to fortify and celebrate their Luxembourgish traditions in Argentina.