Want to learn about Luxembourg as your ancestor experienced it? While LuxCitizenship provides comprehensive services for obtaining citizenship, we understand that many of our clients would like to have an organized tour of Luxembourg focused on their ancestry. That’s where Mireille Molitor, a dedicated Luxembourg cultural heritage guide, comes in. Her expertise in Luxembourg’s history, culture, and genealogy can provide you with a personalized heritage tour that brings your ancestors’ stories to life.

About Mireille Molitor

Mireille Molitor is a freelance cultural heritage guide. Her passion for Luxembourgish agriculture, architecture, history, and cuisine shines through in her meticulously crafted tours. Having worked with nature conservation organizations such as Naturemwelt and LIFE Eislek, Mireille combines her knowledge of natural landscapes with cultural heritage, offering a rich, immersive experience.

Personalized Heritage Tours

Tailored Experiences

Mireille offers flexible, personalized tours designed to help you uncover the life and times of your Luxembourg ancestors. Based on the information you provide, she crafts a bespoke itinerary that can include visits to:

  • The villages where your ancestors were born, lived, and worked.
  • The houses they inhabited (or attempts to locate them if unknown).
  • Churches where they were baptized or married.
  • Local cemeteries to find the graves of deceased relatives.
  • Rural museums to understand daily life, including work, food preservation, cooking, and community living.

Additionally, Mireille can take you to pilgrimage sites, landscape viewpoints, and other significant locations. She emphasizes thorough research into local history to provide context about why your ancestors might have emigrated.

Detailed Research and Preparation

Mireille’s dedication to providing an in-depth understanding of your heritage is evident in her preparation process. She conducts detailed research in libraries, archives, and town halls, and personally visits locations to ensure relevance and accuracy. Post-tour, you will receive a digital folder containing all the information collected, including bibliographies and maps.

Comfortable and Convenient Tours

Transport is included in Mireille’s tours, with pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. She uses her personal car, a VW Touran, accommodating up to four guests.

Additional Services

Luxembourgish Language Lessons

For those interested in learning the Luxembourgish language, Mireille provides lessons ranging from basic introductions to advanced conversations, tailored to your proficiency level.

Culinary Experiences and Historic Home Visits

For an even deeper cultural immersion, Mireille offers the option to enjoy a meal featuring typical Luxembourgish dishes, cooked and enjoyed together. This experience includes local wines and beers and takes place in her 250-year-old renovated farmhouse in Eppeldorf. During the visit, you can explore the historic house, learning about traditional cooking and preservation methods, heating systems, and more.

Tour Options and Contact Information

Mireille offers half-day and full-day tours, each customized to meet your specific needs and interests. For further details and pricing, you can contact her directly.

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