On June 18th, Luxembourg’s national legislature – the Chamber of Deputies – unanimously approved a law to extend the deadline of Article 89 of the Luxembourg Nationality Law. The new deadline to recover Luxembourg citizenship under Article 89 is December 31, 2021.

2020 Luxembourg Citizenship Updates

ARTICLE 89 Luxembourg Citizenship Recovery Deadline Extended

Bill 7587 was presented in the Chamber of Deputies by the “rapporteur” Carole Hartmann. Carole is a 33-year-old deputy from the Democratic Party (the Prime Minister’s party). 11 bills related to the Covid-19 Coronavirus were debated and voted upon on June 18th, with all bills approved. During the debate on the bill to extend the Article 89 deadline, there was no formal objection from any political party.

The law was approved unanimously after 15 minutes. The law should come into effect on June 25th. The Luxembourgish Government has already updated all of its websites to indicate that the deadline for Article 89 is now December 31, 2021.

LuxCitizenship was very active in lobbying for this change. LuxCitizenship’s Founder Daniel Atz appeared in a national news interview on the deadline extension just before Luxembourg’s Justice Minister Sam Tanson. LuxCitizenship organized an international lobbying campaign for applicants to record messages of support for changing the law. Additionally, they spoke about why Luxembourg matters and their dreams for their futures in Luxembourg.

To see the videos, you can visit More information on the campaign and the latest breaking updates from Luxembourg can always be found on our Facebook at the link below.

2020 Luxembourg Citizenship Updates: Deadline Extension & Europe Summer Travel

Travel to Europe in Summer 2020

Currently, it is not possible for almost all United States citizens to enter Luxembourg until at least July 1st or some time thereafter.

The EU has asked member states to make a list of countries with epidemiological conditions equal or better to Europe. Europe will be making a list of countries whose citizens can enter the EU starting on July 1st. The list has not been announced so far. The total daily virus death toll in the United States remains at a level 3x the daily average in Europe. Therefore, our current assessment is that the conditions in the USA are not equal to or better than in Europe. Furthermore, the United States will not be on the list July 1st.

We have received multiple questions about whether applying for Luxembourg citizenship counts as essential travel.

Applying for citizenship is not essential travel. This is feedback from the Government of Luxembourg. Essential travel includes, for example, medical professionals crossing the border in line with their work and returning home. Unlike other countries in Europe, there are currently limited reasons allowing an individual who is not an EU citizen to enter Luxembourg. Applying for citizenship is not one of these reasons.

Existing LuxCitizenship clients should contact the LuxCitizenship team for more detailed guidance.

2020 Luxembourg Citizenship Updates: Deadline Extension & Europe Summer Travel

Regulations are changing day-by-day. The European Union has therefore created an interactive tool with the latest official information for entry to all EU countries. The tool, Re-Open EU, is your best resource to understand the changing rules.

Once on the page, on the right-hand side, you will notice two rows of icons. There is an icon of a globe with a line around it. Click that icon on the page. It will show what countries currently allow non-Europeans to enter Europe. It also has explanations of the applicable rules.

We appreciate the complexity and confusion around current travel regulations. We will continue to do our best to be a resource for you. LuxCitizenship will keep you updated on travel changes and the possible change to the citizenship recovery deadline.

With our best wishes,
The Citizenship Success Team