Using Artificial Intellgience for Transcription and Translation of Ancestor Birth Certificates

At LuxCitizenship, our mission is to assist individuals in obtaining Luxembourg dual citizenship through ancestry. A crucial step in this journey involves the meticulous task of genealogical research to find the Luxembourg ancestor’s birth certificate.

The documents from the 19th century are beautiful and mysterious. We frequently receive requests from our clients for a translation of the documents. Even with our extensive expertise in genealogical research, we too often find the old German-style handwriting a challenge to decipher and translate. For this reason, we have declined to offer this service in the past to avoid providing incorrect translations.

But with the advent of ChatGPT-4o, a new era of efficiency and accuracy has arrived thanks to the help of artificial intelligence. It’s now easy to transcribe and translate historical documents from Luxembourg. We want to share with our clients how they too can take advantage of this new possibility to reveal the secret’s of their ancestor’s birth certificate.

The Power of ChatGPT-4o

ChatGPT-4o is not only powerful but also accessible. You need to create an account to use ChatGPT, but it is not necessary to make a paid account. Here’s how you can harness ChatGPT-4o for your genealogical research:

  1. Upload the Document: Your Luxembourg Ancestor’s Birth Certificate must be saved as an image for use. We usually send a Luxembourg Ancestor’s Birth Certificate as a PDF. You’ll need to convert it to a .PNG or .JPG. Upload the image to ChatGPT-4o.
  2. Request Transcription and Translation: Ask the AI to transcribe and translate the document from old German to English.
  3. Review the Output: Although the transcription and translation are impressively accurate, it’s essential to review the output for any potential errors.

Enhancing Accuracy with Feedback

While ChatGPT-4o exhibits a remarkable ability to read old German handwriting, it’s important to note that its capabilities are still developing. Here are some ways you can enhance the accuracy of your transcriptions:

  • Provide Clear Scans: Ensure your documents are scanned clearly and legibly. High-quality images lead to better results. The less text you provide at once, the more accurate the results are.
  • Verify Key Details: Cross-check key details such as names, dates, and places with other genealogical records to ensure accuracy.
  • Submit Feedback: If you notice errors, you can use natural language to tell ChatGPT that it has made an error and point out where. This helps improve the AI’s performance over time.


Article 7: Luxembourg Birth CertificateGenealogy is not the first thing most people think of when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. But ChatGPT-4o and is revolutionizing the way we approach genealogical research for Luxembourg dual citizenship. By providing transcriptions and translations of ancestor birth certificates, we can unlock secrets of history that were hidden in what often appeared to us as squiggly lines. Whether you are a client of LuxCitizenship or an independent researcher, leveraging ChatGPT-4o can help you learn more about your ancestors’ lives and reveal the secrets of time.

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Note: The experience shared here is based on initial tests with ChatGPT-4o. While the results have been promising, it’s always a good practice to review and verify the transcriptions and translations for complete accuracy.