Considering a move to Luxembourg or the EU?

Moving to Luxembourg as a dual American citizen can sometimes involve unique challenges. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. And we’ve built the network and expertise to support you.

Considering a move
to Luxembourg or the EU?

Moving to Luxembourg as a dual American citizen can sometimes involve unique challenges. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. And we’ve built the network and expertise to support you.

Here’s The Truth

As a Luxembourgish dual citizen, you have a huge advantage in life. You can live, work, retire and study freely in over 30 countries in Europe, including Luxembourg.
But the reality is countries are made for two types of people: those who grow up there and those that immigrate there.
However, when it comes to you, you don’t fall into either bucket. You’re not a native and you’re not an immigrant. There are real-world challenges associated with that. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. We can help you with the next steps.
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Tax & Legal Support

  • All US citizens face difficulties opening bank accounts abroad due to FATCA and F-Bar, we review and provide strategies.
  • Once resident in the Grand Duchy, your American income becomes taxable in Luxembourg and sometimes for more. Introduction to Luxembourg Tax and connections to tax advisors.
  • As a US citizen, you will still need to file a tax return and taxes every year, get your tax return translated into English and much more. We’ll connect you to the experts.
  • We have a network of vetted Luxembourg lawyers and notaries for any Luxembourg legal matter.

Work, Retire, and Study

  • WORK. Want to work in Luxembourg or Europe? We can support you. Find out about our services here.
  • RETIRE. The reality is THAT for all it’s known for, you don’t hear about Luxembourg as an overseas retirement destination for a reason. We can guide you through the practicalities of incorporating Luxembourg and Europe into your retirement plans.
  • PENSION. Our network of experts can provide you feedback on pension and retirement savings planning if you work in Luxembourg.
  • COLLEGE. Luxembourgish citizenship offers wonderful opportunities to simplify the process of coming to Europe to study at some of the best universities in the world at a small fraction of the price. We provide information and can connect you with resources in Europe.

Real Estate

Luxembourg is a country whose population grows significantly each year. The competition for housing is therefore high, which has boosted prices. Modest homes by American standards easily sell for over 1 million Euros in Luxembourg even in small towns. Luxembourg also has its own local rental practices, like 3-month deposits.
  • We help you assess the Luxembourg real estate market both for purchase or rental.
  • Location advisory: Providing feedback on ideal locations according to your needs.
  • Guidance on rental practices and proactive steps to take before moving to Luxembourg.
  • Interpretation, translation. Connections with real estate agents and other professionals.

Education & Health

  • Guidance on education in Luxembourg from Pre-K through high school. Overview of the public and private education systems.
  • Information on current Covid-19 situation and government measures in Luxembourg.
  • Overview of the Luxembourg health system.
  • Guidance on getting set up with the health system as neither an “immigrant” or a “native”

About Daniel Atz

All of our relocation services are facilitated by our founder.

Daniel Atz recovered Luxembourg citizenship in 2014. He has lived, studied and worked in 8 countries, including 6 in Europe. Daniel founded LuxCitizenship in 2016 and has since helped 750 people on the path to citizenship. Before LuxCitizenship, Daniel worked for the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce. While there, he helped over 200 Benelux companies enter the USA, built extensive government contacts across Europe, and helped 200 young people a year find 12-months internships abroad. Daniel speaks English, French, Chinese, Portuguese and is learning Luxembourgish. Daniel holds a Bachelor of International Studies from Loyola University Chicago.
Daniel currently lives in Luxembourg City.

How We Serve Our Clients

Moving to a new country always comes with different steps to take. We’ve lived the practicalities of moving countries as neither an “immigrant” or a “native.” We have built best practices, practical knowledge and a robust network that can serve you as you venture into this exciting new phase.

We generally work by first assessing your needs, then providing you with guidance and advice across subjects. Then we put you in touch with a vetted specialist service provider where necessary. All service providers have specially vetted for expertise & understanding of the special implications of dual citizenship in Luxembourg.

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