Working in Luxembourg presents a wealth of options to dual citizens, including high-quality education, professional opportunities, and more.

Advantages of Working in Luxembourg

Once you are a Luxembourg dual citizen, you might start thinking about working in Luxembourg. And with good reason! There are many advantages to doing so. Check out our Why Luxembourg page and video for a list.

Depending on the study you read, Luxembourg has the highest or second-highest average salaries in the world. While the US has many of the richest people in the world, Luxembourg scores high for the average worker. The average annual salary in Luxembourg in 2017 was $63,062.

Workers in Luxembourg get a guaranteed 26 days of vacation minimum per year. This does not include public holidays. On top of that, a new mother is guaranteed paid maternity leave for 8 weeks before and 12 weeks after the birth of a baby. Likewise, fathers get 10 days of paid leave.

There is also a long history of American companies making Luxembourg their Europe headquarters. Goodyear, Dupont, Amazon, KPMG, Deloitte, EY (Ernst & Young), and PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) all have major operations in Luxembourg.

Job Opportunities in Luxembourg

So, now you know a little bit about why you might want to work in Luxembourg. You may be wondering, what are the next steps?

Government, Finance, Education, and More

You need to think about where the opportunities are. Outside of the big American employers, there are many opportunities in finance and banking in Luxembourg. There are also many tech and IT jobs available in corporations, as well as startups. One other field with opportunities may be teaching at both the many international schools and even the University of Luxembourg.

On the other hand, there are also state schools and public sector jobs. The largest employer in Luxembourg by far is the Luxembourg Government. For most public jobs, you need to have Luxembourg citizenship. However, most civil servants are also required to speak French, German, and Luxembourgish.

In fact, learning French is probably the best move you can make. There are plenty of jobs in Luxembourg for English speakers. But it is important to remember it’s not one of the national languages.

Key Resources

Here are key resources for your search:

Guichet.LU: The Luxembourg Government Portal. Do you work in a regulated industry? Here, you can find resources about recognition of foreign qualifications, setting up a company/freelancing, and much more.

Justarrived.LU Jobs: JustArrived.LU is a guide for new arrivals to Luxembourg. It has numerous resources on moving to Luxembourg and what to do next.

ADEM: ADEM is the national employment agency. This office does provide unemployment payments like in the US. However, if you have not worked in Luxembourg before, you are not entitled to Unemployment Payments. On the other hand, ADEM is extremely useful in looking for work in Luxembourg. It’s very connected to all employers in the country.

Luxembourg For Finance: Interested in Finance or banking? Luxembourg’s finance authority has an extensive article with all you need to know. A finance-focused job board is located here.

Silicon Luxembourg: Interested in the startup world? Luxembourg’s booming startup scene needs developers, marketers, and others alike to help grow their many local startups.

GovJobs: The Luxembourg government jobs portal.

Other Job Portals