Looking for professional connections to Luxembourg & the EU?

Whether you’re interested in finding a job, creating a business, or building professional connections for your current work, we have the services to help you.

Professional Opportunities Abounding

  • Luxembourg is a modern economy and the biggest Financial Center in the EU.
  • There are major job opportunities in the finance, tech, research, and space industries.
  • 2nd highest average income in the world, with the US in 10th place.
  • Low unemployment – 200,000 people cross the border to come in each day for work.

Who Do Our Services Target?

  • (Future) dual citizens who are interested in job opportunities in Luxembourg,
  • (Future) dual citizens who would like to open a business in Luxembourg or the EU,
  • AND (future) dual citizens looking to make professional connections in Luxembourg for their current work in the USA.

How We Help in Looking for Work in Luxembourg

    • Setting up a consultation to learn about your background and professional goals.
    • Reviewing together what that industry is like in Luxembourg, and we assess opportunities.
    • Projecting job income and benefits. Advising you on how to apply for jobs in Luxembourg and what is needed. Referring you to listings.
    • Making connections with relevant professionals and contacts in Luxembourg.
    • AND, for clients applying for citizenship, we proactively suggest possible professional connections and opportunities in Luxembourg.

How Do We Help in Opening a Business?

We will

  • Set up a call to learn about your background and goals.
  • Review the industry players, regulations, taxation, and competitive landscape in Luxembourg and Europe.
  • Facilitate introductions to the right stakeholders, partners, and service providers.
  • Check out the possibility of arranging on-site resources, staffing, and location scouting.

How Do We Help Build Professional Connections While You’re in the USA?

Are you an entrepreneur looking to find clients in Luxembourg? Looking for industry partners or professionals active in your sector? Looking for subject matter experts or consultants in Luxembourg? Connections to institutions? Looking to assess if Luxembourg is an interesting market for your business or to develop professional connections?


  • Fill out our contact request form.
  • We will set up a call to discuss how we can support you.
  • Our network is your network.

About Daniel Atz

All of our services around Professional Opportunities in Luxembourg and the EU are facilitated by our founder.

Daniel Atz recovered Luxembourg citizenship in 2014. He has lived, studied, and worked in 8 countries, including 6 in Europe. Daniel founded LuxCitizenship in 2016. He has since helped over 1,100 people on the path to citizenship. Before LuxCitizenship, Daniel worked for the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce. While there, he helped over 200 Benelux companies enter the USA, built extensive government contacts across Europe, and helped create the first Luxembourg government-supported startup accelerator in the US. He speaks English, French, Chinese, and Portuguese, and he is learning Luxembourgish. Daniel holds a Bachelor of International Studies from Loyola University Chicago. Daniel currently splits his time between Luxembourg, Portugal and the USA.

Relocating to Luxembourg

If you’re looking for a job in Luxembourg, you might be in need of relocation support. We can connect you with resources on taxation analysis, legal advisory, real estate, health, education, and everything you need from A-Z on moving to Luxembourg.

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