Who LuxCitizenship Works With

During busy times of the year, we often have more requests for our services than we can handle, which results in a waiting list for new clients. We prioritize new clients based on specific criteria. If you don’t meet these criteria during our busy periods, you’ll be added to our waiting list and contacted once we have availability.

Please note that we only enter into service agreements with clients already possessing unexpired passports as compliant proof of identity, no exceptions.

  • Individuals who have lived abroad in the last 15 years and therefore need support with international background checks (highest priority for Hong Kong, Japan, and China). 
  • Adult children of existing LuxCitizenship clients who only recently have become eligible to apply for dual citizenship because their parent has now fully obtained Luxembourg Dual Citizenship
  • Anyone whose application will face family or other civil law complications in Luxembourg, including international adoption or same-sex parents with children
  • Individuals with a veritable (and active) link to Luxembourg, this would include frequent travelers to Luxembourg, with past work or study experience in the country, active familial links in the Grand-Duchy, among others
  • Individuals with a real and veritable connection in another European Union country
  • Multilingual individuals, especially those speaking one of the national language of Luxembourg (ie, French, German, or Luxembourgish)
  • Individuals who have worked, studied, or in any other form lived abroad previous to the last 15 years

If you do not fall into one of the above categories, you will be invited to request a proposal after you fill out your Eligibility Test and this will enter you into our waiting list. You will be invited to provide a personal statement about why you are wishing to obtain Luxembourgish citizenship. The statements will be analyzed in consideration of past public statements from the Luxembourgish government about their own views on the dual citizenship program for consideration of alignment of values and interest. We’ll reach out when a space opens thereafter!

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