About LuxCitizenship’s Client Engagements

Due to unprecedented demand for our services since the start of 2024, we have put in place a weighted point system for new client engagements to better optimize our resources. Each client that comes into contact with LuxCitizenship is required to fill out an eligibility test which also features some questions to better help us understand their background, relationship with Luxembourg as well as individual needs and interests.
Clients whose profiles demonstrate the most need for our expert resources will receive the highest prioritization. Each point below is listed in order of prioritization. We reserve the right ask for proof to verify any of the below points before agreeing to work together, so it is essential to represent yourself honestly.


Minimum Requirement: We only begin the consultation process and enter into agreements with clients who already possess an unexpired passport. You will be required to provide a copy of your valid passport as compliant proof of identity. No exceptions will be made to this requirement whatsoever.

Special Considerations by Priority

  • Individuals who have lived abroad in the last 15 years and therefore need support with international background checks (highest priority for Hong Kong, Japan, and China)
  • Adult children of existing LuxCitizenship clients who have only recently become eligible to apply for dual citizenship because their parent has now fully obtained Luxembourg Dual Citizenship
  • Anyone whose application may face family or other civil law complications in Luxembourg, including, but not limited to, international adoption, same-sex parents with children, individuals in gender transition or individuals with non-binary gender marker passports or birth certificates
  • Individuals who have lived in Luxembourg
  • Individuals with an active and veritable link to Luxembourg, this would include frequent travelers to Luxembourg, with past work or study experience in the country, active familial links in the Grand-Duchy, among others
  • Individuals requiring dual citizenship to accept a job or study position or in order to facilitate an investment project in the European Union (proof will be requested)
  • Individuals who fluently speak one of the national languages of Luxembourg (French, German, or Luxembourgish)
  • Individuals seeking dual citizenship to be able to accompany an immediate family member already living in the European Union such as a significant other, child, or parent
  • Individuals with an active and veritable connection in another European Union country, this would include frequent travelers to said country, owning property in said country, recent or current work or study experiences in said country, active familial connections in the country
  • Individuals who have worked or studied abroad in another country outside the European Union
  • Individuals who fluently speak another foreign language other than one of Luxembourg’s three national languages
  • Individuals who have previously traveled to Luxembourg
  • Individuals who have traveled abroad in the last five years

Personal Statement

Each individual will also be asked to fill out an open ended question on Why They Want To Become a Citizen Of Luxembourg when completing our Eligibility Test. The statement is a very important part of our assessment on who we want to work with and will be analyzed in consideration of past public statements from the Luxembourgish government about their own views on the dual citizenship program. So we encourage all applicants seeking support from LuxCitizenship to take completing this statement very seriously.