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Interested in learning more about how and why to become a Dual Citizen of Luxembourg? What comes next? Check out our LuxCitizenship videos to learn more.

Luxembourg Dual Citizenship

Learn more about available paths to Luxembourg dual citizenship, the experiences of our clients, and how to find out if you are eligible to apply.

Interested in Luxembourg Dual Nationality?

LuxCitizenship seeks to educate those interested in gaining Luxembourg nationality. Therefore, American descendants of Luxembourgers and children of Luxembourg-born parents alike will find purpose here. Find out about the different paths to Luxembourg Citizenship.

About the Article 7 Process

LuxCitizenship Founder Daniel Atz explains about who is eligible for Luxembourg citizenship under the Article 7 process and how LuxCitizenship helps eligible candidates obtain proof of dual citizenship. Daniel also explains about his experience as a dual citizen, living and creating businesses across Europe.

Watch LuxCitizenship Client Complete the 7/23 Citizenship Application Progress

LuxCitizenship client, Nichole, traveled to Luxembourg in June of 2021 to complete her family’s article 7/23 application. Learn more about what is currently required to travel to Luxembourg.

Videos About Brazilians in Luxembourg

Brazilians make up just over 19 percent of all applicants applying for Luxembourg dual citizenship through ancestral lineage. Learn more about who are the Brazilian Luxembourgers, their stories, and LuxCitizenship’s Brazilian dual citizens portal.

Launch of LuxCitizenship for Dual Citizens from Brazil

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched a portal for the Brazilian Luxembourg dual citizens moving to the Grand Duchy. Find out what you need to know as you set out on a new life in Europe! Check out our blogs, videos, and join in our interactive study about Brazilian-Luxembourgish Dual Citizens.

Gabriel & Any

Gabriel applied for Luxembourg dual citizenship in 2018 and when he came to the country to sign his application documents, he fell in love with the place where his ancestors were born. Soon he and his wife Any began planning to make the move. They made this plan come true in 2020. After a few months of adapting to the different culture of Luxembourg, they can now call the Grand Duchy home!

Visiting Luxembourg

Even if it is not possible to visit Luxembourg today, LuxCitizenship still wants to take you to Luxembourg! Take a digital tour of the major sites in Luxembourg. You can also use our Visit Luxembourg portal to read our Articles to learn about everything from what hotels you should stay in to where to eat out.

Part 1 – Luxembourg City

Follow Daniel on our essential tour of the major sites in Luxembourg City he takes future dual citizens on the day they make their citizenship declaration. Sites include Pont Adolphe, the Gëlle Fra, Place Guillaume II, the Bierger Center, the monument to Grand Duchess Charlotte, the Chamber of Deputies, Grand Ducal Palace, the Casemates, the Grund, and the Pétrusse River Valley.

Part 2 – Esch-sur-Alzette

Learn more about Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg’s 2nd City and the European Capital of Culture in 2022. Our Founder Daniel will take you on a tour of his ancestor’s homeland and explain about les Terres Rouges, Luxembourg’s mining history.

Part 3 – The University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is one of the newest universities in the world, but it has already shot up in the global ranks in just a few years! At well less than $600 a semester before financial aid, it is an incredible opportunity for dual citizens, young and old, who want to further their education.

Part 4 – Northern Luxembourg

Check out our video of Luxembourg’s North. A land filled with castles, Daniel will take you to the Éislek region to check out Vianden, Bourscheid, and Esch-sur-Sûre and the Upper-Sûre Lake.

Part 5 – Southern Luxembourg

Fancy a hike or a bit of bubbly? Luxembourg’s Southeast has great hiking and is home to the country’s wine region.

Luxembourg Citizenship News

Rules and regulations in Luxembourg are constantly changing, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay up to date with the latest travel restrictions, Luxembourg dual citizen related stories, and more.

In January 2019, RTL and its program De Journal featured a special report on LuxCitizenship and the new American-Luxembourgers who are reclaiming citizenship in Luxembourg.

RTL follows LuxCitizenship Founder Daniel Atz. In the video, he accompanies a new applicant through the citizenship declaration process. Daniel also presents findings from a 2018 LuxCitizenship study (updated as of April 2021) on the new American-Luxembourgers. Watch for a look into what LuxCitizenship involves itself in today.

LuxCitizenship Special Projects

Our team has created several one of a kind interactive studies on Luxembourg dual citizens. Learn more about who are the Luxembourg citizenship applicants and what their motivations are in applying for dual citizenship.
View Our Case Studies

LuxCitizenship’s American-Luxembourgers Study

By the end of 2022, American citizens who has recovered Luxembourg citizenship will make up an equivalent of 1% of Luxembourg’s population. This could have huge implications in the 2023 Parliamentary elections in Luxembourg. According to our dual citizen survey, 20% of these dual citizens are interested to move to Luxembourg or the EU in the next 5 years. So who are these dual citizens and why as Americans did they apply for dual citizenship?

The Minnesotan-Luxembourgers Study

26% of Americans who are applying for Luxembourg dual citizenship through ancestry live in Minnesota. On top of that, 72% of the Minnesotans applying for dual citizenship live in the Minneapolis-Saint Metropolitan Area, what’s called the Twin Cities. That’s equal to almost 20% of all the new American-Luxembourgers living in the Twin Cities alone. For this reason and many more, we’re excited to present you this one-of-a-kind study about these dual citizens and their homestate.

We Want to Stay What We Are

In early 2020, LuxCitizenship lead a campaign to extend the deadline of Article 89. We asked 60 current and former applicants recovering Luxembourg citizenship from across the United States and Brazil to explain why Luxembourg matters to them and why they want to become Luxembourgish citizens. Subsequent to this campaign from May 2020, the Chamber of Deputies in Luxembourg voted for a law that extended the deadline. In July 2021, the Chamber of Deputies voted once again to extend the deadline of Article 89. deadline was first extended to December 31, 2022, and has since been further extended until December 31, 2025.
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