Luxembourg Dual Citizenship 2024 Eligibility Test

To learn if you’re eligible to apply for dual citizenship and the application procedure applicable to you, as well as our pricing for application support, you must take our Eligibility Test below. If you are eligible, you will receive an instant response with a video about your path to citizenship and much more!

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Citizenship Eligibility Test

Please fill out the below eligibility test to the best of your ability. A member of our staff will review your answers and get back to you as soon as possible. Based on your input, we will let you know if you qualify to obtain Luxembourg Dual Citizenship through your family origins.

Eligibility Test Follow Up

Below is a quick overview of the paths to Luxembourg Citizenship through your family origins.

Article 7 Citizenship

-You have an all-male family history back to Luxembourg. Find out more.

Citizenship By Option (Article 23)

-You have a parent or grandparent who is or was a Luxembourgish citizen. Find out more.

Posthumous Citizenship By Option (Article 7/23)

-You have a deceased parent or grandparent who would have been eligible to apply for recognition of Luxembourg citizenship through the Article 7 process if still alive. Requires that you take a trip to Luxembourg.

Reclaim Luxembourg Citizenship (Article 89)

-For people who already applied for a Luxembourg Ancestor Certificate. You need to travel to Luxembourg before December 31, 2025. View our services.

Luxembourg Nationality: A Luxembourg Dual Citizenship Family

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