UPDATE APRIL 2021 – Please visit the 2021 Edition of this 2019 Article which is now out of date. Click here to read the new article. Starting around October 1st, 2019, all applicants for Luxembourg citizenship started to receive letters entitled “Extract(s) from the National Registry”.

National Registry Background

National Registry Extract

The Extract comes from the “RNPP”, which is the Registre national des personnes physiques, or the National Registry of Physical Persons in Luxembourg. The National Registry is a division of the CTIE or the Luxembourg State Information Technology Center. The National Registry maintains the proof of who is a citizen or resident of Luxembourg. It is also the database storing all Luxembourg social security numbers. When you apply for a passport, the government checks if you are registered in the RNPP.

Previously, only full citizens received the National Registry Extract Letter. Since October, applicants for a Luxembourg Ancestor Certificate started to receive this letter. THIS DOCUMENT DOES NOT SERVE ANY LEGAL PURPOSE AND IS NOT A PROOF OF YOUR CITIZENSHIP OR ENTITLEMENT TO APPLY FOR A PASSPORT. This document is only a readout of the information on file in the National Registry. The National Registry is a separate part of the Government from the Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for issuing all legal documents in Luxembourg.

When Do I Get This Letter?

As of April 2020, most applicants reclaiming Luxembourg Citizenship have already received their ancestry certificates already. So, the majority of applicants are receiving this letter after they have already appeared in Luxembourg. You receive this letter about 30 days after applying in person. Please remember that your citizenship is only effective 126 days after you apply. If the letter you received does not have “luxembourgeois” in the “nationality” (nationalité) section, you are not yet a citizen.

Your Social Security Number

That said, this document does have two important purposes. First, it provides you with your Luxembourg social security number, or matricule. You will see in the image above four red squares. That is where your matricule is located. The number starts either 19 or 20. You should note that full number down and keep it very safe. However, you should understand that if you’ve never lived in or at least paid taxes in Luxembourg, this number is not active.

Take Action Now

Second, if there are any errors on this document, you should contact the CTIE to have your file updated as soon as possible. The document includes instructions in English that you should correct missing or erroneous information in the top right column. You should also sign the declaration on the fourth page where it says “Executed in (Insert City, State), on (Insert date) …. Signature”. Many married applicants will be surprised to see that the “Family Status” row will say Inconnu depuis le –/–/—-” or “Unknown since –/–/—-“. If you are married, write in the right column “Married since DD/MM/YYYY” (please use the European date format). You should scan the updated document along with a scan of your marriage certificate + translation and send those to

The body of your email should read as the following.

“To Whom It May Concern:

My name is LAST NAME First Middle born on DD/MM/YYYY in Town, State, Country. I am registered in the RNPP under the number INSERT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER FROM LETTER. I have recently received a copy of my National Registry Extract and wish to rectify some incorrect information. Please find attached a duly signed copy of my National Registry Extract letter with the rectified information, as well as the supporting documentation.



This article was updated on April 21, 2020.