Can you hear the whistles blowing? In Luxembourg, the people are getting ready to partake in the Emaischen a tradition festival which is celebrated every year on Easter Monday in the small town of Nospelt as well as in Luxembourg City.

The center focus of the festival are little earthenware whistles shaped like birds and known as Péckvillercher. ckvillercher were traditionally exchanged between lovers, but today they are popular with children taking part in the festival for their wild colors and of course their whistles. The little birds are also popular artisan collectors items.

Nospelt used to be a village of potters which was known for the clay concentration of its soil which was perfect for pottery. The potters would make these little birds from the small amounts of clay left over at the end of their work day.

With a wide range of attractions and games, Emaischen is also known for folk-dancing in the streets and typical street foods.

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