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Every applicant, adult and minor, must meet our identification requirements to apply. For adult applicants, this means having a valid, unexpired US or Canadian passport, and for minors either an unexpired passport or State ID (not a drivers license or permit). You must be able to provide these in digital scanned format at checkout or within 5 business days via email to meet the terms of our contract.

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Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to supporting you throughout your journey to Luxembourg citizenship! By checking out, these are the exact services that you can expect to receive.

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Reasons to Work with LuxCitizenship

  • Access to Exclusive Business Networking Group – LuxCitizenship has created a closed, private LinkedIn group for (future) Luxembourg dual citizens. Directly network with other dual citizen business professionals — an exclusive client benefit.
  • LuxCitizenship Dual Citizen Events – Our team hosts yearly events, both in the United States and Luxembourg, that are exclusive to LuxCitizenship clients!

Family Citizenship Application

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can use this form to pay for & submit information for up to 5 adults and 5 minor applicants total. The fee for each adult applicant is $350.00. For each minor child, the fee is $150.00.