Individuals with a Parent or Grandparent born in Luxembourg can obtain Citizenship By Option.

This one-step process requires appearing in person in Luxembourg and does not have a deadline.

Who is Eligible?

-Anyone is eligible as long as their parents (be it adoptive or otherwise) is currently or was previously a natural-born citizen of Luxembourg or
-If the grandparent of an individual currently is (or was previously) a citizen of Luxembourg and the citizenship wasn’t issued to their parents.

What are the Next Steps?

-We obtain your parent or grandparent’s Luxembourg birth certificate and provide the paperwork to obtain their Luxembourg Nationality Certificate
-A complete list of certified records that are vital such as (marriage as well as birth certificates) and information on how to obtain them will be provided
-All requaired paperwork will be perepared for you to sign
-You must go to Luxembourg and your declaration of citizenship must be made before an Officer of the City Civil Registry.
-After completing the procedure, you can pass on Luxembourg Dual Citizenship to your Adult Children. They must undergo the same procedure.
-All certified translation and paperwork will be prepared and we will also guide you through the process.
Please note that you must notify us 4 months prior to going to Luxembourg. We can also assist you in making arrangements and planning for the trip.
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$ $850

*Per Primary Applicant
  • Consultation (Over The Phone): Going over the Process.
  • Included Services: Prepping of paperwork, request for your parent’s certificate of nationality, proper translations request of documents, organizing and arranging your trip to Luxembourg.
  • **The applicant is solely responsible for all required processing & shipping fees of all vital documents.