Individuals with a Parent or Grandparent born in Luxembourg can obtain Luxembourg Citizenship By Option.

This one-step process requires appearing in person in Luxembourg and does not have a deadline.

Who is Eligible?

-An individual whose parent or adoptive parent is or was a Luxembourgish citizens and that citizenship was not passed on to them at birth or
-An individual whose grandparent is or was a Luxembourgish citizen and that citizenship was not passed on to their parent.

What are the Next Steps?

-We obtain your parent or grandparent’s Luxembourg birth certificate and provide the paperwork to obtain their Luxembourg Nationality Certificate
-We provide you with an exact list of certified vital records (birth and marriage certificates) to obtain and where to obtain them
-We prepare the necessary paperwork for your signature.
-You must go to Luxembourg and make your citizenship declaration before a Luxembourg City Civil Registry Officer
-We guide you through every step of the process and prepare the paperwork and certified translations
-Please contact us at least 4 months in advance of your trip to Luxembourg. We can help you plan and make arrangements.
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Practical Information

-It is 100% mandatory to appear in person yourself in Luxembourg

-You are officially a citizen six months after your in-person declaration

-There is no final deadline for Citizenship by Option Applications

-Please contact us at least 4 months before your trip

-Applicants who have been been incarcerated for a custodial sentence over 365 days do not qualify

-Applicants must be able to produce proof of no criminal history in all current and former resident countries

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