A new government called Gambia 2 has formed in Luxembourg after citizens elected new national assembly members and the Prime Minister.

New Government Formed in Luxembourg

A new government has officially formed in Luxembourg. This October, citizens of Luxembourg, both in the Grand-Duchy and abroad, had the opportunity to participate in the national legislative election. They elected the new members to the national assembly and therefore, the Prime Minister. The outcome surprised many. The three political parties that had ruled Luxembourg through a coalition over the last five years (the Liberal Party (DP), Socialist Workers Party (LSAP), and the Greens) came out on top over the opposition.

Gambia 2

new governmentThe parties negotiated for two months. Following, his royal highness Grand Duke Henri swore in the new “Gambia 2” national government today. They call the government coalition “Gambia” because the three parties’ official colors are the colors on Africa’s Gambian flag. The press nicknamed the new government Gambia 2.

Xavier Bettel remains Prime Minister, and Étienne Schneider remains Deputy Prime Minister. They also named Felix Braz (leader of the Green Party) Deputy Prime Minister in recognition of his party’s increased performance in this year’s election.

Barring any unforeseen events, the coalition will be in power until the next election in five years’ time.

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