Luxembourg’s own Oscar winner Laurent Witz has released a short animated film entitled, Let’s Make It Happen. The short film is a part of the national branding campaign.

For the last several years, Luxembourg has been working on a proactive nation branding campaign which led to a new visual identity and slogan for the country “Luxembourg: Let’s Make It Happen.”

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Let’s Make It Happen was directed by Laurent Witz, who took the 2014 Oscar for ‘Best Animated Short Movies’ for the film Mr Hublot,

This short film combines animation with real landscapes, and shows a paper bird through the eyes of a little girl. The film also aims primarily at positioning Luxembourg to an international audience who may not know the country. Closener added that, “it will strengthen the notoriety of Luxembourg’s audiovisual production, which is recognised for its creativity and for the quality of its animated movies”. The film was also released to inspire young Luxembourgers to innovate.