Perhaps the most significant figure in the history of Luxembourg, Grand Duchess Charlotte de Luxembourg is the proverbial “mother of Luxembourg.” Exiled to the USA during the Nazi Germany occupation of Luxembourg, she would almost single-handedly convince President Roosevelt to enter World War II before Pearl Harbor ever occurred. Charlotte is championed as having saved her nation from the tyranny of Nazi Germany and then rebuilding it from the ground up into the prosperous nation state it is today. 

One cannot understand modern day Luxembourg without understanding the story of “the mother of the nation.” To this day, Luxembourg’s national holiday is celebrated on her birthday. Widely revered by her people, she was known for her strong sense of humor, personal touch and a classic fondness for pearls. She would reign from the conclusion of World War I until 1964 and passed away in 1985.

For these reasons and more, we are so thrilled that the French history TV series hosted by dual French-Luxembourgish citizen Stephen Bern, Secrets d’histoire (Secrets of History), has recently done a major exposé on Charlotte of Luxembourg and the story of the royal family of Luxembourg. We hope to have the opportunity soon to share this video with all our clients, but for a preview here in French please visit For more information about Charlotte, please visit,_Grand_Duchess_of_Luxembourg

EDIT 4/15/2018: LuxCitizenship is happy to announce that in a worldwide first, we have translated and sub-titled the Charlotte of Luxembourg episode of Secrets d’histoire. We’re happy to share this with all of our clients. If you haven’t yet gotten your access to the subtitled video, please get in contact with the team.