Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg citizenship opens the doors to a life in one of the world’s most developed, multilingual countries. Moreover, Luxembourg citizenship also allows those in possession of their passport to study, work, and freely reside in all 27 countries of the European Union without a visa.

-Luxembourg has an extremely strong economy with amazing work opportunities

-Most Luxembourgers speak English and the three national languages

-Luxembourg is one of the capitals of the EU

-Passport grants right to live & work in over 30 European countries

Who is Eligible?

If you have already received your Luxembourg Ancestor Certificate or qualify for Luxembourg citizenship par option, you are eligible to present yourself in Luxembourg City to claim Luxembourg citizenship.

Criminal convictions may make an otherwise qualifying applicant ineligible to recover Luxembourg citizenship.


What is the deadline?

Once you have your Luxembourg Ancestor Certificate, you must appear in Luxembourg City by December 31, 2020 to recover your Luxembourg citizenship.


Do I need to hire a translator?

All civil records in Luxembourg must be written in or translated to French or German. We have court-certified translators on staff to ensure an accepted translation.


Do I have to go to Luxembourg in person?

Yes. To complete Phase 2 and recover citizenship, you must appear in person before the Civil Registry in Luxembourg City or another commune of Luxembourg.

The in-person meeting is straightforward and can be carried out in English.


What are the implications of Dual Citizenship?

Neither the United States of America nor the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg forbid dual citizenship. The Embassy of Luxembourg in Washington, D.C. encourages all interested applicants to inform themselves about the implications of dual citizenship. U.S. applicants should contact the State Department for any serious questions.

LuxCitizenship only provides applicants with process information concerning applying for Luxembourg dual citizenship. LuxCitizenship does not provide legal advice.


Will I owe any taxes to Luxembourg?

Only individuals with some form of Luxembourg source income, such as that from inheritance, real estate, rental income, or business/employment income in Luxembourg, owe Luxembourg taxes.

LuxCitizenship can direct individuals with Luxembourg source income to the competent Luxembourg-based institutions for more information.

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