Business Development & Partnerships

Location: Remote – USA (only)
Engagement: Freelance, 5-10 hours per week, 6 months minimum
WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR: US-Based Freelance Business Developer, 5-10 hours per week + commission on signed client agreements //

WHO WE ARE: We help people in the US get dual citizenship in Luxembourg through an ancestor from the country. So our business is a combination of immigration and genealogy. We’re also an LGBT owned and operated mission-driven business. We’re 100% remote but we do have an office on Madison Ave in New York, but everyone has worked from home since the pandemic.

SCOPE: 5-10 Hours A Week (Ideally, can be flexible, some weeks will be more, some may be less). Ideally you are able to stick with us until at least September. May be extended until the end of the year. There is a deadline for the dual citizenship eligibility on December 31, 2022 (recently extended to December 31, 2025). There’s two deadlines in the process, the last one was in December 2018 and demand became so huge near the first deadline that we had to stop taking new cases in September. We will assess as the year goes along.


YOU are a people person that likes to get to the answer yes and is certainly not afraid to pick up the telephone and give a client a call (and probably a text and an email). You can be based anywhere in the US. We love working with remote US workers abroad, but you must be physically present in the US for this role. You have experience as a business developer and/or in partnerships development. We will also be working on institutional partnerships throughout the year, both in the USA, Luxembourg, and around Europe.

You would have an hourly base rate + commission.

-You are familiar with Slack or other chat platforms and social media (or you’re not intimidated learning a new chat tool if not)
-You’re a people person and love to talk. The clients get their dual citizenship through ancestry, many of them have just signed up for and this is all a big shock and brand new news to them. A lot of times they love to chat about their families ancestors.
-Good sense of humor, down with team spirit but also good working in a 100% remote environment as an independent contributor. You’ll need to be a self starter but we’ll always be around to answer your questions and support you.
-Available at random times. Leads come in at all times, it’s through our website. Follow up is of course most useful when it is as soon as possible. But you don’t normally need to spend that much time to get a hold of and schedule a call with a prospect.
-Interested in International relations, travel, Europe, languages (speaking French, German or another language would be great), living/moving abroad, genealogy, just generally curious and open to the world. If you like any of those things, we have a pretty unique international environment to offer you and tons of opportunity to learn. We have to get 500 Americans to Europe this year. It’s no small task.
-Comfortable with CRM (Hubspot) and Trello.
-Business development or telephone sales experience required. Even better if for a small business or startup.

For the right candidate, we could also expand the responsibilities, like building more automated sales funnel, email marketing, social media management (if you can help us grow Twitter/Linkedin/YouTube/FB followers that would be great), PR, virtual assistant/data entry from time to time (if interested).

Our current team is 4 people and we have 1000 clients.  It’s a very informal and fun atmosphere. It’s a very international environment.

Experience with WordPress would be useful.

A large number of our clients are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, so if ever would be happy to find a remote resource there or originally from there. No real preference though as long as you’re in the US. We’re looking for the right talent, personality match. Happy to work with resources who are just starting out but have the right acumen and drive, so be sure that comes through in your message.

To Apply

Drop us a line with your resumé/CV via info at