Individuals who have an all-male lineage back to Luxembourg can file to acquire Citizenship under Article 7 of the Luxembourg Nationality Law

 You are eligible if you or your mother have an all male bloodline back to Luxembourg.

Who is Eligible?

  • A male ancestor of Luxembourgish descent that was born before 1940 in Luxembourg

  • AND, All previous generations family line must be passed from a father to their son leading up to your father.

  • OR, The same thing posted above can apply to your mother as long as you were born after Jan-01-1969

What are the Next Steps?

Apply for Citizenship by Mail

-Based on your information, we research your genealogy and obtain your ancestor’s Luxembourg birth certificate
-We provide you with an exact list of certified vital records (birth and marriage certificates) to obtain and where to obtain them
-We prepare the necessary paperwork for your signature.
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Citizenship Acquisition (Article 7) ServiceMost Popular

$ 600

*Per Primary Applicant
  • Consultation (Initial Phone  Call): A rundown on the Acquisition Process.
  • Citizenship Acquisition: Research of genealogy, retrieving Luxembourg birth certificate of ancestor’s, paperwork prep, support for documents and required application.
  • Discount Rates For Secondary Applicants (Includes parent, cousin, child or sibling that is older than 18)

Practical Information

-This is the only way to obtain Luxembourg citizenship by mail and without personally going to Luxembourg

-There is currently no deadline for Article 7 Acquisition of Luxembourg Nationality